Hello! It's very nice to meet you.

My name is Yuansi, it means "the first idea" in Chinese! 
The cutie is Charlie, my border collie puppy. We both try to bring delight to the world by being ourselves.
As a designer, I'm passionate about humanizing technology and bridging the gap between digital and tangible worlds. My background in journalism, anthropology, industrial design, and UX design gives me a unique way to see different sides of each story. In the future, I want to focus on creating inclusive experiences and products for both general consumers and marginalized users. I'm currently a UX designer at Dotdash Meredith in Seattle, WA.
When I'm not designing, you can find me obsessing with my plant babies, rock climbing, or doing stand-up comedy. 
Feel free to drop me a line at yuansilidesign@gmail.com if you'd like to get in touch!
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